Printing Money

The kids from Entourage literally wrote their own benjamins at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Anaheim last week. A source tells FBLA that a double-autograph from Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara went for $100. And the crazy thing is people bought them.

The other big name in name writing that day? The Soup Nazi.

Sure Larry Thomas was great on Seinfeld, but that was 150 years ago (We personally preferred his work as Saddam #3 on Arrested Development). Still, people apparently mob him at autograph events.

SN says he makes more money signing autographs than he ever did on Seinfeld, and that includes residuals.

In related news: We’ve spent the entire day doodling “Mrs. George Clooney” on scraps of paper — $90 for three, or best offer.

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