Print Ed.: We’re a ‘Heck of a Lot Hipper’ Than John McCain

Emily_Gordon.jpgEllie-winning magazine Print is almost 70 years old yet remains on the cutting edge of design publications. Our sister blog UnBeige spoke with editor-in-chief Emily Gordon, who recently took over for Joyce Rutter Kaye, to talk about plans for the anniversary in 2010:

“We’re just a few years younger than John McCain and a heck of a lot hipper. I intend to celebrate yearlong with features and interviews, in print and online, revisiting some of Print‘s strongest issues and most talked-about themes over the decades. And readers should look for products and events that make the Print community more tangible and far-reaching over the next few years, especially for the reader outside the design community, but deeply engaged in the subject matter nonetheless.”

Gordon also discussed plans to expand the magazine’s Web presence and how she “can’t wait” to start blogging…

“We’re in the process of redesigning our Web site, and I don’t think I speak only for myself when I say that we can’t wait to start blogging. Inviting people into the Print family who write exceptionally well and bring dogged and thoughtful reporting skills to their pieces will continue to be a priority for me, as well as honoring and benefiting from the knowledge of longtime designers who may no longer be buzzed about but whose work redefined the field and, therefore, the world.