President Obama Writes for The Root

What's it like to edit the president?

You might recognize The Root’s newest writer. Well, actually, we hope you recognize The Root’s newest writer. It’s President Barack Obama, who penned a piece about his latest trip to Africa.

Obama notes that while Africa is significant to him personally—his father was born in Kenya—the important thing to understand is that the continent’s progress is good for America:

Africa is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, and it’s in our economic interest to make sure we deepen our trade relationship. Since I took office, we’ve boosted U.S. exports to Africa, which last year supported 280,000 American jobs. We’ve joined with Africans to launch historic initiatives to promote health, agricultural development and food security. With our Power Africa initiative, we aim to bring electricity to 60 million African homes and businesses.

Check out Obama’s full piece here.