Premier League Fantasy Football and ESPN Sports Bar & Grill Top This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Premier League Fantasy Football rockets up to the top spot on this week’s list of emerging Facebook games with ESPN Sports Bar & Grill not far behind. Both titles offer sports fans meaningful ways to interact with their sport and team of choice, such as with a Game Predictor that ESPN just launched.

iWin’s two newest TV game show titles, 1 vs 100 and Deal or No Deal, turn up back to back on this week’s list just behind Kabam’s just-launched Edgeworld. Way down at No.15, Ubisoft’s Castle & Co. turns up, perhaps riding a wave of cross-promotion from the recently released Smurfs & Co. (which broke 1 million MAU a week ago, classing it out of this list).

ETA: Due to a miscategorization, Playdom’s GnomeTown was left off this list in error. It should appear at No.2 with a gain of 425,982 MAU for a total of 773,079 MAU at 123% growth in the last week.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1.  Premier League Fantasy Football644,938+444,280+221%
2.  ESPN Sports Bar & Grill630,243+276,396+78%
3. SlotSpot – Best Free Slot Machines422,089+196,031+87%
4. Edgeworld438,721+174,686+66%
5. 1 vs 100770,537+133,861+21%
6. Deal or No Deal934,155+133,782+17%
7.  Okey Plus892,700+122,151+16%
8. Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy710,653+108,578+18%
9.  Galaksi Online II Türkçe: En İyi Bilim Kurgu Oyunu475,865+106,638+29%
10.  We Are Music469,246+104,799+29%
11.  S.O.S396,559+104,633+36%
12.  RocketBird439,143+102,399+30%
13.  Divinitiz246,105+101,276+70%
14.  Spot The Difference242,775+95,282+65%
15.  Castle & Co238,077+91,514+62%
16.  Buraco by Gazeus346,807+77,937+29%
17.  Fantasy Football 2011340,077+76,347+29%
18. Millionaire Boss692,109+75,897+12%
19.  Little Cave Hero488,088+71,359+17%
20.  驚爆骰子樂 – 藝人都在玩的遊戲!【吹牛骰(大話骰)、骰寶、梭哈骰】196,849+69,558+55%

At No.10 is We Are Music, a “guess this tune in four notes” trivia game animated with cartoon avatars that wreck virtual instruments when the player guesses wrong. Gameplay modes are divided by music categories, like Hall of Fame for a range of songs or My Generation for songs from specific decades going as far back as the 1950s.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.