PR Majors Paid Less, Employed More

According to census data, advertising and PR majors are doing pretty well in the job market. While their median earnings are about the same (or, on the high end of the spectrum, a little less) than journalism, communications, or English majors, they have the lowest unemployment rate, at 6.1 percent, among those four majors.

English majors’ median earnings are a little on the low end ($48,000 instead of $50,000) with 6.7 percent unemployment.

Unemployment among journalism majors is 7 percent, though, the highest among the four majors.

Unemployment among architects was higher than 10 percent, or greater than the national average, while fine arts and library science majors are looking at unemployment higher than 15 percent.

Last, there’s apparently no such thing as an unemployed actuary.

Play with the data, which comes from the 2010 census, yourself at the Wall Street Journal’s site.