PR Job Listing Seeks Drunk, Depressed Criminal ‘Hell-Raiser’

(Not a selfie.)

This morning the PR Examples blog made us aware of the latest in the Snarky Job Listings game, and it’s a keeper. Here are some of the qualities that British firm Just In Time PR demands of its next senior account manager (“whatever that is”):

  • He/she should be on anti-depressants, because “People who need drugs to keep them going are generally the most interesting”
  • He/she must be funny because, in the words of director Dominic Hiatt, “In 30 years’ time I’ll be as dead as the stars so I need to get my laughs in now”
  • He/she doesn’t have to be a gutter drunk, per se, but it would help if he/she is “only ever one drink away from oblivion”
  • He/she “will have spent at least one night in a police cell”, because how else can a manager relate to the public?
  • He/she will say whatever the hell is on his/her mind in the office, because “Moderation and a sense of perspective are not tolerated”

Some commentors see this listing as a way to win “cheap publicity” from various local tabloids, but based on Hiatt’s comments about receiving “emails and calls left, right and centre” after one tweet and one Facebook post, it seems to be working more effectively than those dull “traditional adverts.”

In conclusion, we say: only the British could get away with this.