PR Internships Are the Best Internships (According to a Survey)


22.6% of participants described this image as “kind of accurate”

Job search/listing service startup InternMatch recently conducted a huge survey asking more than 9,000 students about the state of the American internship–and you’ll be happy to learn that PR is the winner.

The basic conclusions:

  • Every student wants a great internship
  • Paid internships are always better
  • As competition heats up for a limited number of entry-level gigs in various industries, these introductory gigs will only grow more valuable

Specifics and an infographic after the jump.

First, the state of college students:

  • Most do not have jobs lined up before they finish school: only 16.6% had received an offer as of April 15th
  • The vast majority need jobs to help them get through school: 72.6% work side gigs during undergrad (which limits the
  • Still, 68.9% of graduating seniors have completed at least one internship
  • The ones with internship experience think others should follow their leads: 97.6% of interns recommend them to other students and 68.5% think they should be mandatory

Why are internships so important? Well…

  • Students with paid internships are three times as likely to get job offers
  • Students with three or more internships are twice as likely to get job offers as those with only one

Now about the PR angle. The five most popular internships, in order, by category:

  • PR/Marketing agencies (They’re hiring!)
  • Tech companies (How does $17 BILLION sound to you?)
  • Government organizations (Steady paychecks)
  • Professional services/consulting companies (Hi, Deloitte)
  • Healthcare orgs (That Medicare/Medicaid money isn’t going to spend itself)

Two qualifiers here: PR was the winner by a long shot among female respondents at 43.6% while community organizations scored second (34.7%).

…and, while more boys (43.1%) said they would like to work for a tech company, PR was tied for third at 26.9%–less than a point behind the public sector.

Most of this news is encouraging, but someone always has to be a downer so we’ll volunteer: just under 50% of the internships considered in this survey were paid. Now, as always, there’s still progress to be made.

Here’s the infographic and here’s the full report (signup required):


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