PR Career Advice: ‘If You Can Write, and Fast, You’ll Probably Never Be Useless’

PR consultant Jerry Silfwer has just one piece of advice for aspiring PR practitioners.

Learn to write, and how to do it quickly.

Getting brilliant people into a room is one thing. Actually condensing what the heck they’re talking about on the screen, now that’s a different story altogether. The creatives will feel good about themselves when they see their crazy ideas coherently presented in words, the ones reading it will actually understand what’s going on and your team members will ask you to that thing that you do – again and again.
….Then add speed to the mix. This is the big differentiator. If you combine solid writing with speed, then you’re golden. Waiting for inspiration? That’s amateur hour.

This has nothing to do with placing your fingers right on the keyboard. No, this all comes down to having a line of thought and going with it.

“There’s always someone who must write that e-mail. Who must write that strategy. That proposal. That pitch,” he says. This is not exactly the opposite of, but certainly a different angle on, the career advice doled out last week.

We disagree with Silfwer’s interpretation of what makes a good writer. He suggests that getting a first draft on paper is the creative, difficult part, where revising is something anyone can do—this is wrong. However, the idea that you can learn a skill that will make you never obsoletable…well, that’s something.