Pottermore Revealed, Will Sell eBooks

J.K. Rowling held a press conference this morning to reveal Pottermore, her new Harry potter themes website. The site won’t be launching until later this year, but it will sell eBooks.

Only some of the details have been revealed, but it’s clear that this will be a major investment of time and money. Pottermore will bring the world of Harry Potter to life with thousands of words of new content. J.K. Rowling has written extensive new material about the characters, places and objects in the much-loved stories.

Among its other components will be an eBookstore, and it’s going to be the exclusive retailer of Harry Potter eBooks. The eBookstore will be built by OverDrive, the digital content distributor. There’s also going to be a retail store, which is being developed in partnership with Sony.

The site won’t officially open until October, but 1 million lucky fans will be able to register on July 31st, (Harry’s birthday). They will be able to work their way through the world of Harry as he first enters Hogwarts, visits Diagon Alley, etc. Fans will be get sorted into a house, cast spells and mix potions to help their house compete for the House Cup