Postie Buyouts Say Farewell At Stoney’s


Above: Sue Schmidt and Rick Weiss.

(photo credit)

We told you about last week’s Buyout Parties at the Washington Post. Now, we hear, lots of Posties took over Stoney’s Friday for a farewell bash (anyone got pics?!?).

On the Huffington Post, Annie Groer writes, “After Buyouts, The Goodbyes: Washington Post Staffers Gather For A Bittersweet Send-Off.”

After the jump are some Postie farewell messages obtained by FishbowlDC, which were posted on the newspaper’s internal message system.

Allan Lengel:

    sheesh. i’ve finally woken up from the stoney’s party. i didn’t realize that dewars on the rocks was an alcoholic drink.

Eve Zibart:

    well, I couldn’t face it Friday with all the farewells, so I’m sneaking in today. I’ve spent almost my entire adult life here, and have loved almost every day. And you guys.My thanks for every kind word, my sincerely apology for any bad temper or light, my best wishes to you all in future. My email is on the Source. And if I can be of help in any way — institutional memory? dead trends? Sunday brunch? — let me know. Chow, babies.

Andy Mosher:

    oh god, what have I done?

Dita Smith:

    I turned in the little red emergency pack (water is full of bugs, whistle is dirty); the car hangtag has been invalidated. So on to the party. Thanks to all of you for your friendship and support over the past 27 years, which just flew by. … Have fun; keep that paper going!

JoEllen Murphy:

    Almost 24 years here ..seems like yesterday…thanks for a wonderful journey..

    Please stay in touch..

Tony Reid

    I loved it all.

    Keep it going

Keith Jenkins:

    It has been a wonderful ride. Godspeed and good luck to everyone.

Laura Sessions Stepp:

    Thanks to all of you who have made the last 26 years a great ride. I’m not leaving you; I’m taking you with me.

Desson Thompson:

    To everyone I have worked with, passed by in the hallway, or owe money to. My best to you. And goodbye.

Linton Weeks:

    My first and last allnews message. Thanks everybody. I have loved working at The Greatest Newspaper Ever.

Peter Carlson

    Goodbye, everybody. It’s been a great 22 years. I’ve been proud to work for this great American newspaper. You keep putting it out and I’ll keep reading it. See you at Stoney’s.

Yolanda Woodlee:

    Thanks for the wonderful memories! Can’t believe it’s minutes before I won’t be able to sign in again… Best to everyone! I’m going to miss you all… Yo

Kristin Downey:

    checking in at 10 p.m. for the last time….i’ll be living on the eastern shore, in betterton, in kent county during the week and in the district on the weekends…hope to see you around!

Karl Payne:

    I’m breaking out.
    In the challenges ahead may it serve you all to remember Michael Powell’s words:
    We are the sum of our colleagues.