Posterous Continues to Simplify Blogging with Facebook Support

Posterous launched as a simplified blogging process for users that want to stream a wide array of media to the web. Simplicity is key to its design as well as its submission process, lowering the barriers to entry by enabling users to update their Posterous blog by emailing text or media to the Posterous service.

The blogging platform is extending this simplistic view of sharing content by integrating with Facebook Connect. You can now update your Facebook wall by emailing content to Posterous. You can also post Facebook photos directly from Posterous, which will appear on both your Posterous blog as well as your Facebook Photo Galleries. Posting more than 5 photos will create a separate album with the email subject being the album title. Video support for a similar feature is currently being developed by Posterous.

Another useful integration for Posterous with Facebook Connect is the support of commenting, which will allow visitors to share their comments on your blog with their Facebook profiles. This is similar to what we have here on AllFacebook and SocialTimes, and it works quite well by giving visitors an easy sign-in option via their Facebook credentials as well as viral spreading of blog content based on comments shared between the two sites.

The other features from Posterous’ Facebook Connect integration are expected: an optional tab on your Facebook profile displaying your Posterous blog, and the ability to update your status or minifeed when posting to Posterous.

Posterous’ support for Facebook Connect is the latest in a string of sites that Posterous can auto-post to, including Twitter and Flickr. The Facebook Connect integration of course makes it even more simple to add content to your Facebook account, while also tapping into a larger community that revolves around your social graph.

While Facebook already has a few options for posting content to your profile, such as the browser bookmarklet, having the Facebook Connect platform available for third party developers like Posterous makes social media branding and publishing an easier and less daunting task for the end users; something I can appreciate as a blogger. Just keep your privacy settings in mind when using auto-posting features that leverage cross-site activity. With simplicity comes additional issues that easily slip your mind given the opportunity.

Posterous is a simple to use product with an extremely clean interface. If you are looking for an easy way to blog check out Posterous.