Postagram Maker Sincerely Launches a Way for iOS Developers to Earn Revenue From Printing Photos

Just because Instagram hasn’t nailed its business model yet doesn’t mean other photo apps don’t have to have it down too.

Sincerely, the company behind Postagram and photobooth app Popbooth, is launching a library that will let developers make money off printing and shipping photos for their users. Users in any integrated iOS app will get to send 4-by-6-inch full color, photo postcards to anywhere in the world while Sincerely handles print, postage, payment processing, sales tax and customer support.

The company says it takes less than one hour to integrate and developers will earn 70 percent of their purchase price above 99 cents. (If they just charge 99 cents, then they won’t make money but they still get to offer branded cards.)

In terms of user flow, developers will just add a “Print & Ship” button inside their apps. If users click on it, they’ll pick the photos they want to send, write down personal messages, log into their Sincerely account or create one, pick an address and then confirm billing information. Photos take two to find days to receive in the U.S. and two to three weeks in the rest of the world.

It’s an interesting alternative monetization scheme to what many developers have been using to date through advertising or charging for their apps. While Sincerely seems naturally positioned to help developers of other photo apps, it’s possible that companies in other categories might want to use this as well. Gamers could use this to send screenshots of their virtual worlds or avatars or their high scores.

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