Post-Tribune Guild Wants To Buy Newspaper

We think this is awesome. Union employees at the Gary (Ind.) Post-Tribune want to buy the paper from its bankrupt owner, the Sun-Times Media Group.

“The Post Tribune and all the Sun-Times newspapers are on the sales block, and we see no reason why the new owners should not be the employees,” Andy Grimm, president of the Gary Newspaper Guild, told

The Post-Tribune’s daily circulation of 55,767 and its Sunday circulation of 59,469 makes it the second largest paper owned by the Sun-Times. The Post-Tribune’s probably a steal right now, and local ownership wouldn’t be a bad thing, but according to, there are a few issues with the idea. Namely, the P-T currently is printed by a Sun-Times press, and its online edition is produced out of a Sun-Times office in Illinois. To break off from the Sun-Times would mean that those operations would no longer be free. “The newspaper would realize increased costs if it did those operations on its own,” reports drily.

Still, maybe local ownership is for the best. With newspapers no longer the profit centers they once were, they’re much less attractive to big companies trying to make money, and more attractive to concerned citizens. Why not buy local?