Post Meets…Glasser Not Mentioned

Both Erik Wemple and I heard today about yesterday’s National meeting at the Washington Post.

What I heard:

Amazingly? Susan Glasser’s name was hardly brought up, prompting Postie Karen DeYoung (a former AME herself) to note, what one Postie described as “the elephant in the room,” and to raise her hand and wonder why the Hush-Hush was reminiscent of when the Kremlin would “air-brush the head of party out of a picture after he’s been deposed.”

We hear that DeYoung stuck up for Glasser, applauding her for all the things she brought to the paper and prompting a round of applause from other attendees.

Managing Editor Phil Bennett was all “we’re committed to change and innovation.” New AME/National head (for now) Rajiv Chandrasekaran and Bill Hamilton were both there.

Wemple heard much of the same and adds a few other tidbits:

  • Bennett said that the Post will move quickly to replace Glasser.

  • Good news for competitors of the Post: The paper has reportedly overspent big time on its budget for political coverage, a topic that came up in the meeting. Chandrasekaran attributed the problem to the extended fight for the Democratic presidential nomination. Private scoffing ensued: Under Glasser, staffers were sent all over the political map with very little coordination. One of the running jokes among political reporters covering Iowa, for example, was that they’d show up at an event only to find two other Posties already on the scene.