Portrait: Poptip

New York-based startup taps into a social data gold mine after change of direction


Who (clockwise, from left) Founder Kelsey Falter, product engineer Andrew Bonventre and engineers Joy Tao and Steve Kaliski

What Social polling startup

Where New York offices

Poptip’s six-month-old Twitter polling service, which already has Pepsi, EA Sports and journos like ESPN’s Darren Rovell crowdsourcing feedback for its brands, was something of an accident. The founders were developing a document-sharing platform for brands and agencies, but switched gears after a solicitation for feedback on Twitter showed them they could reach a much broader audience. “Within 30 minutes, we had 200 different opinions,” said Kelsey Falter, Poptip founder. “It was eye-opening.” In the coming weeks, it will expand its instant-data service to work on Facebook and Instagram.