Portfolio Rationalizes Their Job Departures

Interesting: MarketWatch founder Larry Kramer has been bought aboard at Portfolio as a web consultant in the wake of Chris Jones‘s departure.

But what spin are Portfolio‘s higher-ups putting on the magazine’s near-legendary startup struggles?

That it’s not as bad as other magazines:

[David] Carey said a lot has been said in the media about the departures at Portfolio, but he claimed the eight staffers who’ve left during the past 18 months — out of about 90 total editorial staffers — represents the lowest attrition rate for a launch at Condé Nast. He said there has been circulation success, adding that business schools are calling and asking for copies of the magazine. And when asked how long the publication has to succeed, Carey said the time frame at Condé Nast is usually a decade. “Some of our greatest competition is in the Condé Nast building,” Carey admitted, without, of course, naming names.