Pool Reporter Kept in Laundry Room


WaPo‘s David Nakamura was acting a little Rodney Dangerfieldesque Thursday as he traveled with President Obama to Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla. but didn’t actually see the President. As noted below, Pool reporter conditions were not all that hot.

“Obama made remarks on Romney tax plan, contrast of their visions for middle class, rehashing many of the lines and themes from his speeches in Ohio yesterday. after remarks, pool was escorted to the press hold in the Rollins College sports laundry and storage room, where several industrial strength washing machines were lined up and sports equipment, such as football helmets, were piled up in metal cages. Obama is  planning to address the BlogHer Conference by closed circuit video and pool is told we will get the sound piped in to us, which we will endeavor to transmit to you all.”

In another report, he wrote about the obvious lack of communication between the WH Press team and reporters: “Obama, still presumably somewhere at Rollins College, though pool was not told where, addressed the BlogHer Conference, going on in New York City, through a closed circuit video feed.”