Poo-Pourri’s New Viral Video Gives You Tips on How to Poop at a Party

First work from its in-house content studio

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Poo-Pourri has created an online film division called Number 2 Productions, which will be led by Suzy Batiz, founder, executive producer and CEO. The new division's main goal is to follow in the footsteps of companies like Red Bull and Dollar Shave Club—companies that have turned their brands into digital-content-creating machines. 

Its first DIY effort, dubbed How to Poop at a Party (below), was posted on YouTube on Tuesday, where it's already garnered 2.4 million views. In the past, the Addison, Texas-based marketer has created a handful of popular videos that have utilized creatives and production houses such as "Uptown Funk" video director Cameron Duddy and Objects of Affection. That will no longer be the case. 

"We have a very specific, delicate brand voice that is purposely hard to pull off," said Nicole Story (pictured below), the lead director for Number 2 Productions. "By bringing production in-house, we have full control."

There are a pair of forthcoming videos that be released in the next few weeks to complement How to Poop at a Party.

Will Clarke, Poo-Pourri's vp of marketing, added that his CEO Batiz has had the idea to create an in-house production team "for a while."



"We had a strategy meeting with [YouTube parent company] Google earlier this year, and after we left that meeting," he explained, "they affirmed that this is exactly where we needed to take the brand and the company."

The company makes a deodorizing toilet spray, which it sells online, while competing with names like V.I.Poo. It has hired Hollywood veteran Tess Kelly as a producer to round out a five-person department, which otherwise consists of current Poo-Pourri marketing staffers.

There will be no TV ads as part of the current campaign, per Clark, who described digital as the "cornerstone of our strategy." 

"The internet allows us to 'go there' with our content in ways that TV doesn't," he said. "It also gives us real-time analytics that allow us to keep our spend efficient and effective."

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.