Poll: Most Consumers Concerned About New Google Privacy Policy

Less than 10 percent unconcerned

Google has been going all out to justify its new privacy policy. But it may not be resonating with consumers who will be forced into the new scheme and not given the option to opt-out.

Three-quarters of U.S. adults said they were concerned about the changes to Google's privacy policy. According to an IBOPE Zogby International online poll, 32 percent were very concerned and 44 percent were somewhat concerned.

Only 14 percent were somewhat unconcerned and 9 percent were not concerned at all.

Zogby's online survey of nearly 2,200 adults was conducted Jan. 27-30, days after Google announced on Jan. 24 it would consolidate more than 60 separate privacy policies across all its products and services into one main policy on March. 1.