Poll: Enquirer for Pulitzer – Fair or Foul?

News that the Pulitzer Prize Board officially accepted The National Enquirer‘s submissions for breaking the John Edwards scandal hit the Web only hours ago but the response has already been insane and insanely varied.

Many fear that the Board’s acceptance of the Enquirer is a slippery slope that will ultimately tarnish the coveted prize while others claim it’s the perfect message to send MSM who’ve neglected investigative journalism.

A few comments from Emily Miller’s HuffPo scoop:

“Are the Pulitzers now going to have a sleeze category? Good grief, I was so thrilled when Eugene Robinson won, but just a year later it could mean a whole lot less.”

“I hope they win… They deserve it and it should be a slap in the face to every other media outlet that ignored the story.”

But who better to weigh in than Washington media… So FishbowlDC, what do you think? Is the Pulitzer’s decision fair or foul?

Should the Enquirer Have Been Accepted by the Pulitzer Prize Board?(online surveys)

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