Politics Are Ruined | The 3 Types Of iPadders | David Karp Has A Question 4 U

Gawker: Have “fawning political interviews” ruined U.S. politics? I’d always kind of looked at these interviews as the WWE of TV journalism – staged, albeit entertaining.

WebNewser: Google Buzz will help clean out your inbox with new options for settings. Is there anything it can’t / won’t do?

David Karp: Is Tumblr founder David Karp permitted use the n-word if he’s quoting lyrics? The world breathlessly awaits your input.

eBookNewser: When it comes to iPads, you’re either an eager supporter, a jaded dissenter, or a masochist.

So, yeah: Once again, I apologize for posting that Formspring/AP article. It was a pretty sophomoric mistake, but one from which I’ve learned. Please feel free to continue to badmouth your friends and loved ones safely and anonymously via Formspring.