Politico’s White: ‘I Do Not Drink’

We just had a pretty big sports weekend here in D.C. The Washington Nationals won their first playoff game since 1933. The Orioles took on the powerhouse New York Yankees. Our hometown football team lost again. OK, well, that isn’t exactly exciting, but baseball is big among the beltways of D.C. and Baltimore. Naturally, this leads to otherwise politically minded journos to share their sports team biases (and vengeance) on Twitter.

Politico’s Ben White went so far as to change his avatar to the Yankees logo on the day they were taking on the Orioles. This aggravated The Daily Caller’s Jeff Poor to the point of telling White, “God you have an awful avatar.”  White fired back, “So does your mom.” And that set the scene for an evening of back and forth between the pair that grew nastier with each tweet. Poor replied, “I see Politico provides a drinking allowence(sic).” White let Poor know that he does not drink, but thoughtfully informed Poor of his typo: “You should work on spelling ‘allowance.'”

Things went from bad to worse.

White: “If you had any idea how inappropriate this joke is…” He followed up with punishment for Poor, saying, “You are getting blocked young man. I suggest you try adult education classes. They do wonders for folk like you.” An unapologetic Poor shot back:

We reached out to the two men to find out where things went SO wrong… Poor told FBDC that his biggest complaint is White appearing to jump on the Yankees bandwagon. He said, “I mean, coming from a guy that has tweeted complaints about sports tweets clogging up his timeline — funny he finds religion in the New York Yankees in Game One of the playoffs after a 162-game season.”

White deleted all tweets regarding the fight from his timeline. He told us, “I deleted them because I thought it was a silly fight.”

This isn’t the first time that White has deleted tweets. He had a Twitter meltdown earlier this year where he deleted some of his angrier tweets directed at a hotel that screwed him out of a reserved room. White explained to FBDC that he was merely honoring the beginning of the Yankees postseason. As for bringing Poor’s mom into the fight? “I responded with my usual tongue in cheek comment for random people yelling dumb things at me: ‘so is your mom,’ which is intended to show my level respect for random attacks,” he said. “He then continued to hurl abuse at me, replete with spelling errors and faulty logic and for some reason accusations that I was drunk. I don’t drink. I don’t know what made this young fellow so angry but he should seek some counseling.”

It seems there is no love lost between Politico and The Daily Caller.