Politico’s Mike Allen Addresses No Sleep Rumors

This won’t put the rumors to rest (so to speak), but this morning at 6:30 a.m. on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Politico‘s Mike Allen was asked about his sleep patterns. Longtime Washington rumors have Allen never sleeping.

Interestingly, Allen tends to mention his Executive Editor Jim VandeHei whenever he’s asked about his sleep. In the past he told FishbowlDC that VandeHei says he can sleep after he’s dead. This morning, co-host Willie Geist asked, “When I get the playbook early on a Sunday morning, what time did you wake up to do that?” Allen replied, “Not early enough. Always want to be earlier.” Geist pressed on. “Do you go out and socialize on a  Saturday or do you get to bed earlier so you can do Playbook at 4 a.m.? How does that work?” he wondered.  Allen’s answer: “Jim Vandehei says to be healthy, wealthy, and wise you need six hours a night, so I try for at least that.”

We can’t imagine VandeHei using that expression, but you never know what happens behind Politico closed doors. Geist further questioned the response, saying, “I just try to crunch the numbers. He’s always working.” Added Mika, “Round the clock.”

Note to readers: We found this eye masks from a dream website. We think VandeHei would approve.