Politico’s CLICK Gets an Extreme Makeover

This morning Politico‘s Editor-in-Chief John Harris sent a note to editorial staff about the CLICK section which has been in a state of major reorganization as of late with Patrick Gavin and Amie Parnes leaving the section and a number of other reporters in recent months leaving the publication altogether. In a nutshell, Harris says, the “leaner” section is becoming a blog because that’s how people prefer to get their “nuggets.” We’re not so sure. So far, it’s less like a candy store and significantly more bland — lots of white space and minimal color — just like the other blogs on the site. Today the blog screams Washington — as in red (yawn), white (yawn), and blue (yawn). But we’ll give it a chance, hope for improvements and see how it goes. Check out the new CLICK here.

See the internal memo…


Make sure to stop in to the newly spruced-up CLICK section today.

POLITICO’s place for news on the lighter side of Washington–the busy intersection of politics, celebrity, and gossip–has had a makeover that will preserve its best elements and make it easier to read.

Caitlin McDevitt and Karin Tanabe have brought terrific imagination and energy to the task of rethinking CLICK and are now committed to bringing a feature that already generates a lot of interest and traffic to the next level.

After studying CLICK–a review that included all participants in the section as well as people throughout the newsroom–we concluded that most people seem to prefer to consume these kinds of nuggets in blog format, rather than as a more elaborate subsection.

The leaner blog style is a bit more flexible in presentation and requires less web production. This allows more time for want the CLICK team wanted, which is more reporting.

Thanks to Katherine Lehr, Hemal Jhaveri and Ryan Mannion’s team, among others, who helped push these design changes.

And thanks again to Caitlin and Karin for carrying the banner on this new effort.