Politico Trims More “Capitol Leader” Staffers

As we reported earlier, the Politico has slowly been parting ways with a few of the hires made during the Capitol Leader days of the paper.

Some more movement has been made on that front recently. Three reporters will remain at the paper for a few more months but are expected to leave shortly thereafter. Sources tell FishbowlDC that the moves are simply a reflection of the Politico’s desire for more senior reporters and not any reflection on the talents and prospects of their younger employees.

And we have learned that these “trimmings” are not to suggest that all Capitol Leader hires will eventually be let go. One Politico source tells FishbowlDC that the news for young reporters isn’t all bad: The paper has also given some younger reporters more responsibilities and visibility.

This does, however, bring up one interesting point: Outside of the Politico’s gossip section, only 4 of their 23 reporters are women (based on one source’s counting).

(Earlier: Wonkette)