Politico Snags Richard Cohen from NJ

A memo to Politico staffers from VandeHarris:


We are very pleased to announce that the National Journal’s Richard Cohen will join our congressional team Monday. Richard, who has covered Congress for more than three decades, is among the most experienced, most-respected and best-sourced reporters in town. His institutional knowledge and connections will be invaluable to our readers.

One of the most important missions of POLITICO is to dominate congressional coverage with unmatched understanding of the pace, history and importance of the House and Senate. David Rogers shows us every day the immeasurable value of experience and expertise with stories like one this week on how education is dividing Democrats – and the recent reflections on the careers of the late Sen. Robert Byrd and Rep. Charlie Wilson.

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We are certain Richard will harness his experience and sources to turn similarly rich and important stories on House Republicans, redistricting and other big topics. Richard possesses a wealth of knowledge that comes from covering Washington since 1977 and co-authoring The Almanac of American Politics since 2001. He has written a biography of former Rep. Dan Rostenkowski and several other books on Congress. His full bio is posted below.

Please welcome Richard when he officially joins us Monday.