Politico Sets Right Wing On Fire With A Limbaugh Hates Fox News Piece

We’re not even sure where to begin with this one. Rush Limbaugh said something on his radio show and Politico’s Tal Kopan wrote a story about it. Normally that’d be the end of it.

But then Breitbart.com and Fox News got involved.

Politico says Limbaugh told a caller to stop watching Fox News because it’ll drive him crazy. Even though that sort of sounds just like what he was saying, Limbaugh insists he was only referring to the more liberal commentators on Fox News, not Fox News in its entirety. Even though he never actually said that specifically.

It’s almost impossible to know for sure exactly what Limbaugh was trying to say, especially since he denies Politico‘s more noteworthy interpretation that he was dissing his friends at FNC. And it’s not hard to see how you can take what he said both ways. Maybe he really did just mean specific people on FNC, even if he wasn’t quite clear about it. It is live radio, after all. Working without a net here, people. But if that’s the case, those people are still sometimes on FNC, right? And he’s telling a caller to stop watching them. On FNC. Are we missing something here?

Breitbart’s John Nolte makes a big point about Politico’s initial headline, which was “Rush Limbaugh tells caller not to watch Fox.” It has since been changed to “Rush Limbaugh denies Fox snub.” They probably didn’t need to change the headline to update the story with Limbaugh’s denials (though one wonders if they reached out to Limbaugh before publishing), because Nolte’s right. It makes them seem like they’re backing off of their initial claim, yet the updated story doesn’t really support that.

We’ve reached out to both Nolte and Kopan to get their take on the whole thing. We’ll update if we hear back.

Fox News, maybe in a sign of desperation, posted a response that used quoted comments left by people on Politico’s story (and the ones that followed in other outlets) to prove that Limbaugh had been misinterpreted. Oh Fox News. If that’s your best evidence, maybe you should just sit this one out.

Update: Nolte tells us that since Politico didn’t make it clear what exactly they updated when they changed their headline and story, he wanted to make it clear to his readers so they didn’t think he’d sent them to the wrong link.