Politico Playbook Plays Hide the Weiner

This week we noticed that Politico Playbook by Mike Allen virtually ignored the scandal of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.). To his credit, Allen is the type of Washington reporter who rarely misses a beat on any story much less the one dominating headlines. So we found it surprising that he basically bypassed the biggest story coming out of Washington this week.

We sought comment from Allen as to why he chose to keep his blog a mostly Weiner free zone and asked if anyone had requested that he keep Weiner and his wife out of his headlines. We’ll share his thoughts with you should he have a comment. In the meantime, see the breakdown below.

Monday: Zilch

Tuesday: Shockingly, the day after Weiner’s blockbuster New York press conference in which he admitted he sent the lewd photographs, there was absolutely nothing to be found in the Playbook.

Wednesday: Today Allen has one item on Weiner and links to a NYT story. TOP TALKER, N.Y Times 1-col. lead, “CALLS TO RESIGN AS WEINER TRIES TO MAKE AMENDS – FALLOUT OVER A SCANDAL,” by Michael Barbaro and David W. Chen.

Thursday: Today Playbook features the news of a strummable guitar on Google’s homepage. Any news on Weiner? Nada. Zip. Nothing. This, despite the fact that on Wednesday not only was the nude photograph of Weiner’s penis released by the Opie and Anthony radio program, but the NYT reported the bombshell news that Huma Abedin was pregnant. Seems these stories would have been no-brainers for Playbook.

Friday: On this day, when everyone is suffering from Weiner fatigue, Allen throws in a joke from NBC’s The Tonight Show. The SECOND reference to Weinergate all week. JAY LENO: “It was so hot in Washington, everyone was sitting around in their underwear like Congressman Weiner. He finally felt at home.”