Politico’s New Prez and CEO: Jim VandeHei

When you read through the lengthy internal memos and formal press release on Jim VandeHei’s ascendance to President and CEO of Politico and Capital New York, you quickly see they’ve got something for everyone: romance (he and Publisher Robert Allbritton are “of one mind” with each other; gumption (he is part of the best journalistic “dream team” in America, says Allbritton) and a menacing quality with a religious twist (VandeHei writes, “The days of untouchable incumbents in media are over – this is the era of abrupt change. We have no choice but to keep delivering the goods, better, faster and more efficiently. Or someone will do unto us what we have done unto others.”)

So no more double bylines with Mike Allen (a.k.a. Mikey)? Say it isn’t so.

But it is. VandeHei’s going corporate and will work alongside COO Kim Kingsley and Chief Revenue Officer Roy Schwartz to run the business side of both publications. He’s replacing Fred Ryan, who stepped down last month. Not to worry, there are the expected effusive thank you’s to Ryan as well as the nod from Ryan that VandeHei is absolutely the right man, the only man for the job.

See the memos. Politico‘s Hadas Gold released the announcement last night on the publication’s media blog. The news is still leading the blog today.

You’ve gotta hand it to Politico in that their memos are hilarious in their bravado and  unrivaled prowess to douse one another in praise. They never hesitate to express an explosive self-confidence and desire to take over the media world on this planet and every other. We’ve cataloged our Top 10 Favorite Lines after the jump…

Allbritton can be a reporter too!

10. Allbritton: “Team, I am starting to feel like a POLITICO reporter with all of the breaking news I have to share these days.”

Allbritton and VandHei share a mind?

9.  Allbritton: “He and I are of one mind on the endless opportunities before us – and how to take advantage of them.”

One for all and all for one!

8. Allbritton: “It has been fun to watch both Jim and Harris grow into their very unique roles here as they strengthen each other with their shared passions, creativity and skills.”

John Harris is the King of Journalism.

7. Allbritton: While we will miss Jim’s daily input on the editorial side, I am very confident in this decision because John is the best editor-in-chief in journalism today and has smartly hired and promoted some brilliant talent in recent months to join our newsroom leadership team.

A separation of church and state?

6. Allbritton: “I love the idea of having respected journalists atop both editorial and business as we navigate the changing ways of media.  This will allow us to move fast while avoiding the hazards media companies can hit as the traditional church and state walls come down.”

‘All the right moves’

5. Allbritton: “And beneath them is the management team with the right moves and ambitions to help guide us as we entertain the growth ahead of us.”

A shout-out to Mike Allen!

4. VandeHei: “As Mike Allen is fond of warning, ‘The wolf is always at the door.'”

Props to Allbritton: Part human, part cheetah

3. VandeHei: “Robert Allbritton understands this time in media better than any publisher in the game today. While others retrench, Robert invests. While others worry, Robert pounces.”

We can and we will win the war.

2. VandeHei: “We have never had as much editing and reporting firepower as we do today. That’s not hyperbole. That’s fact.”

Masterminds unite!

1. VandeHei: “…Roy Schwartz, the mastermind of our revenue strategy; Ryan Mannion, the brain behind our technological platforms and Kim Kingsley, the mastermind of, well, everything else.”