Politico Hires Political Media Reporter

Politico has hired Adweek‘s Dylan Byers to join Keach Hagey in tackling media coverage. Byers is supposed to be part of a “new emphasis” on covering political media. VandeHarris and Co. made sure to stress, “Keach Hagey will continue to focus her considerable talents on the rest of the media world.” Gawker mentioned the news Tuesday, saying, “Could be more interesting, or not! Time will tell.” Byers also announced the news on Twitter: “After an excellent year with Adweek, I’m moving to Washington D.C. to help cover political media for @Politico.”

See the internal memo…


We have some exciting news to share about expanding our media coverage, which has long been a signature part of POLITICO’s appeal. Dylan Byers, a reporter at AdWeek, will be joining us in several weeks as part of a new emphasis on covering political media. We’ll have more details on those plans in the days and weeks to come.

Dylan has previously worked as a research assistant to Philip Gourevitch, George Packer, Jane Kramer and the Cedar River Group and served as an editorial intern at Roubini Global Economics, Lapham’s Quarterly and the New Yorker.  He also made an impression on several POLITICOs with a tough but fair look at our own publication in early September.

Dylan will be starting in early November, so please welcome him then and stay tuned for more news on this front.