Politico CLICK Is No More

Well this modest little blog post almost slipped through the cracks. Politico CLICK, the ill-fated Washington-meets-Hollywood blog that has struggled to retain talent is finally kaput:

As 2013 comes to an end, so, too, does the CLICK blog. In 2014, you will find POLITICO’s coverage of the intersection of politics and entertainment on the website’s home page. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading the blog and for your feedback as well. Happy New Year! Caitlin McDevitt

The official demise of CLICK comes more than two years after it was transformed from a slick subsection of Politico into a simple blog. At the time, management said the changes were necessary because “most people seem to prefer to consume these kinds of nuggets in blog format,” and that “[t]he leaner blog style is a bit more flexible in presentation and requires less web production,” allowing for “more time for what the CLICK team wanted, which is more reporting.”

Alas, it seems no one really wanted to consume these kinds of nuggets. But at least now, the CLICK team will have as much time as they could possibly want.