Politico Changes

Various internal announcements from the Politico:

    Please welcome Samuel Loewenberg, who joins Politico as part of the Lobbying team. Sam spent the past five years in Madrid and Berlin, where he wrote articles for The New York Times, The Economist, Time, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Lancet, The Nation and Playboy, among others. He’s covered news in at least one place I’d never heard of, so hopefully he has some good stories to share.

    Prior to his stint on the continent, Sam wrote for Legal Times here in Washington. He’s also worked for The New York Times and the Center for Public Integrity. Sam was raised in LA and graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash. He’s also a published photographer.


    We are very excited to announce that Michael McGrath has been hired as co-Associate Publisher of Politico. McGrath is very well known and widely respected in the advertising community, after running the national and international ad sales team at the Washington Times for the past five years. He will start Wednesday.

    McGrath will team with co-Associate Publisher Waldo Tibbetts to oversee both print and online sales. Waldo, as you all know, was a standout online sales specialist at the Washington Post before joining Politico. Waldo has had an amazing run so far sharpening our sales operation and long-term strategic thinking.

    We anticipate amazing things from the Tibbetts-McGrath dynamic duo in the months ahead.

And finally:

    People in the newsroom in recent days have surely noticed the enhanced role that Barbara Martinez is playing with the daily production of the newspaper.

    We have asked her, and she has agreed, to take leadership of the numerous content and design decisions that go into each day’s publication. As most of you already know, Barbara is one of the smartest, most organized people on staff. Her talents will be essential to our ongoing efforts to improve the appearance and usability of Politico.

    The copy editors, production team and creative department will report directly to Barbara. We want all reporters to update Barbara with story ideas and breaking new alerts, especially those front page possibilities.

    Barbara’s expanded responsibilities will allow Bill Nichols to focus more of his editing attention on high-impact stories, long-term strategic thinking, and special reporting projects. By taking on more duties, Barbara will allow Bill to bring his formidable knowledge and creativity to bear on places where we need it most.

    Please welcome this familiar face in a new role, and do everything you can to help Barbara make the daily print edition of Politico even better.