Politico Pro Loses Editor To Bloomberg

What techy would flee to Bloomberg on the heels of recent layoffs?

Politico Pro Technology Editor Elizabeth Wasserman, that’s who. Politico‘s Keith Perine also left Politico this month for Bloomberg. The upshot for Bloomberg? Wasserman knows the industry inside and out and has the sources to show for it. “All I know is they threw a lot of money at her,” a media source tells us.

Before Politico, she worked for The Post Standard, the Orlando Sentinel, Long Island’s Newsday, and the San Jose Mercury News during the dot-com boom.

Regards to her dog, Snoopy. Sorry, Snoopy, her hours won’t be any better at Bloomberg.

See Wasserman’s goodbye note in which she notes Bloomberg made her an offer she couldn’t refuse…


I have accepted a job at Bloomberg News in their Washington bureau as Tech Regulation Editor.

After two years of running Pro Tech, I am ready for new challenges and they made me an offer I could not refuse.

I hope you wish me well.

My last day at work will be Feb. 8.

Elizabeth Wasserman