Podcast 46: Buzz Killer Card – Eliminate GSM/3G Speaker Buzz – COO Adam Sloan

Podcast 46 was recorded on November 30, 2010. My special guest on this podcast is Adam Sloan who is the COO of The Buzz Killers. Adam and I spoke about their unique and very affordable ($7.50) Buzz Killer Card which eliminates the annoying GSM/3G (AT&T & T-Mobile phones) speaker buzz we often hear when a phone is near a computer speaker, baby monitor, or PA system speakers. The card is a passive device that does not require power of any kind. Adam explained that while speaker buzzing is eliminated (you can actually hear how it works in the podcast), the Buzz Killer Card does not prevent a phone from receiving a phone call or email while it sits on the card.

I have not tried using the Buzz Killer Card myself yet. However, evaluation samples are on their way to me. And, I’ll report my own findings as soon as a I have a chance to try the product.

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