Pocketbook 603 eReader clears the FCC

The Pocketbook 603 showed up on the FCC website yesterday, and this is a good sign that it will soon be available in the US.Unfortunately for us, Pocketbook asked the FCC to hide all the interesting photos.

The 603 is basically the same hardware as one of Pocketbook’s other eReaders, the 602. Both are based on a 6″ E-ink screen, and they have 2GB Flash storage, a SD card slot, Wifi, Bluetooth, and they also support Adobe DE DRM as well as many other ebook formats.

The Pocketbook 603 also has a Wacom touchscreen, as well as a chip that provides support for CDMA/EVDO cell networks. It was actually supposed to be on the US market late last year. Sources tell me that the delay is due to Verizon dragging out the negotiations.

When it’s on the market, you’ll be able to buy from an associated ebookstore over the 3G connection and browse the web over Wifi.