Playfish's New Game, Hotel City, Goes Live on Facebook

Playfish has launched it’s newest game, Hotel City, on Facebook. The game is a hotel management simulator, and is in fact quite different from all the other “city” games that have been released lately. The production values are great, and the gameplay is truly innovative. We’ll have more details on the game as it goes through its first week of bug-fixing and play testing.

The gameplay revolves around building up a hotel on a street, and that means taking care of everything from room creation, room decoration, cleaning, patron maintenance and more. The game has the usual Playfish aesthetic, with great graphics and sounds, and certainly will be a hit for people who like Playfish’s other games.

The game makes great use of the star system, as users attempt to build up to a five star hotel, and has a bunch of luxury upgrades as you progress through the game. When I added a nice gym to the hotel, I got up to three stars, and I could see people using the gym. The animations on the characters is very funny, and one of the oddest elements of the game is getting money when I poke my sleeping guests! I guess these are closer to those crazy specialty Japanese hotels than traditional American ones. 🙂

Playfish, who is now owned by gaming giant Electronic Arts, has released this game at a time when various types of simulation games are taking over the social games leaderboard. Social City, by Playdom, has recently gained a staggering 5,600,000 users in just two weeks, and Playfish is certainly hoping their game will be as successful.