Playfish Lauches Premium In-Game Campaign with Procter & Gamble and Herbal Essences

You are all probably aware by now of Playfish’s incorporation of in-game advertisement for their major titles when they starting working with Google back in April. You may also be aware of the integration with PayPal when they launched in-game transactions.

However, marking a new sponsorship model for the company, Playfish just announced the launch of a premium campaign with Procter & Gamble and Herbal Essences via Geo Challenge in the United Kingdom.

This new version of the game has introduced what Playfish dubs, “The Great Escape Edition” which provides players with a brand new source of game play and, as expected, advertises the new Herbal Essences range from Procter and Gamble in a rather unorthodox manner.

The game still utilizes the video ads at the end, but in addition the entire art style of the game has been changed to fully encompass the look and feel that is Herbal Essences. The new Great Escape version is full of different pinks, flowers, exotic plant life, and virtually anything else you might see in your standard Herbal Essences commercial. All of this, however, has been seamlessly integrated into the game play and art work and is 100% unintrusive to the player – unlike so many other forms of advertisement (i.e. flashing banners, pop ups, etc).

Unfortunately, those that are not in the UK are unable to play this version of the game at this time.

[via Playfish Blog]

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