Playdom, the Developer of 8 of the Top 25 Games on MySpace, Preparing Facebook Assault

Playdom, the developer of the #1 game on MySpace and 8 of the top 25, is coming out of stealth mode tonight. The company has 37 employees – with plans to be at 100 by the end of the year – and is already profitable. They’ve raised no money, and co-founders Dan Yue, Rick Thompson, Chris Wang, and Ling Xiao say they don’t have plans to do so, due to a successful monetization strategy through a mix of virtual goods.

However, the company says it is now turning its sights to the Facebook Platform.

Collectively, the company claims 5.2 million daily active users and 21.8 million monthly active users on MySpace between its Mobsters (13.4 million users), Bumper Stickers (10 million), Own Your Friends (9.5 million), Kiss Me (2.8 million) Poker Palace (2.7 million), Heroes (2.1 million), Sorority Life (1.6 million), and Rockstars titles.

Now, CEO and co-founder Dan Yue says Playdom is now splitting its design efforts 50/50 between MySpace and Facebook. Poker Palace and Sorority Life are already live on Facebook, and more are coming soon. Poker Palace is currently the #15 game on Facebook with nearly 2.7 monthly active players.

Yue says that while Playdom is bringing many titles over to Facebook, it’s not simply porting them, but is going to “put them in the Facebook context.”

Just as Playdom’s titles span multiple genres on MySpace, expect them to on Facebook as well, Yue adds.

Welcoming Playdom to the Facebook Platform are a bevy of game developers including Playfish, Zynga, SGN, Serious Business, 6 waves, Green Patch, RockYou, and hundreds of independent developers who have been building on Facebook since the Platform launched nearly two years ago.

Zynga and SGN have been building their most popular titles for the iPhone as well, and Playdom says it plans to do the same – an iPhone Mobsters game is already in the works. Yue says that, like other titles from SGN and Zynga, Playdom’s Mobsters for the iPhone will connect game play across platforms so that players can log in from their home computer or anywhere with a mobile internet connection.

Will Playdom experience the same success on Facebook as it has on MySpace? We’ll be following closely.