Playboy to Feature Sean Hannity

Playboy‘s publicity department says he’s fully dressed, but we’re not convinced considering these pictures depict Fox News’ Sean Hannity from his gut up. Who knows what’s going on under the table?

In all seriousness, the mag is featuring Hannity in its July/August issue. It hits newsstands Friday. “Per usual, Sean is feisty and opinionated, and discusses everything from ‘radical’ Obama, gun control, and the climate change ‘crock,’ to his personal life and philosophies,” said publicist Theresa Hennessey.

Contributing Editor David Hochman conducted the interview.

The Highlights:

Not surprising — “Obama is not managing the country well. … Obama is in a constant state of combativeness.”

Fueling the birther fire — On whether or not he regrets saying that Obama grew up in Kenya: “But he did grow up in Kenya, and he told The New York Times that he went to a school there and one of the most beautiful things on the planet is Islamic prayer at sunset.”

Forgetting his facts — On fueling the myth that Obama is a Muslim from Africa: “I never fueled the myth. How do you come up with this stuff? He did go to a Muslim school. He writes about it in his book. He went to a Muslim school in Indonesia, or wherever it was, Kenya. I forget. Now you’ve got me. I think it was Indonesia. I’m trying to remember his biography. It’s going back so long. He admits he went to a Muslim school. It’s on his audiobook, if you want a tape of it—you can hear him say it himself.”

Red meat for fair and balanced FNC viewers — On gun control: “Our framers and our founders were very clear on the issue of the Second Amendment, and they weren’t talking about deer hunting.”

Down with Kim Kardashian — “There are too many people what care too much about Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians or whomever. I’ve met Kim, and she’s nice, but honestly there’s too much of a celebrity culture. I wish people cared more about the budget being balanced, about national defense, security, rise of radical Islamists, immigration—things that I think are really going to matter and impact everybody’s lives.”

A childhood troublemaker — “I don’t know how far I want to go with my honesty here, but I was taken home by the cops in the first grade for hanging on the back of cars in the wintertime. I’d get in trouble for sneaking out of the house late at night to have snowball fights. And I started smoking at a young age.”

The closest he gets to discussing sex — “Based on the Playboy definition, it’s probably the G-rated version. I used to go to all the clubs when I was young and 17 in New York. Then I worked in a couple of places as a bartender. I wasn’t Tom Cruise in Cocktail or anything, but I was pretty fast, and we made great daiquiris and piña coladas. I went through a period when I did okay in terms of dating. I was a skinny little kid, though. That was about it.”

More from the Hannity interview..In short: He hates Bill Maher with a passion. He prefers Megan Fox over Kate Upton.

Hannity eats cereal for dinner: “Nothing. I’m terrible. I didn’t dance at my own wedding. I never go out. I’m home every night. I eat cereal for dinner. The one thing I’d like to do is build a racquetball court. I’m really into fitness and staying in shape, and it gets cold in the winter and I have to hit a ball. But that’s it.”