Platinum Life: Country Has Rough Start, Potential for Social Gamers Who Like Country Music

Platinum Life: Country by Heatwave interactive for CMT (Country Music Television) joins the ranks of Facebook Games developed to promote a genre of music or a band. Among others, we’ve previously looked at the hip-hop genre game by Platinum Life: Web Edition by the same developer, as well as New Boyz:The World created by Funtactix previously and expect more to join to join the party.

According to our data tracking service AppData, Platinum Life:Country currently has 14,515 monthly active users and 1,052 daily active users.

The game is still finding its feet. The launch was pushed back by 10 days, going live on June 13th; after that, a new loading screen with “under construction” graphics confused users who thought that the game was down, accounting for the slow start tracked by AppData and the recent dip in users.

Here’s what the game offers users, as is, especially country music fans.

Platinum Life: Country streams music by artists featured on CMT, including the artists themselves as cartoon avatars. A new player selects one of these artists such as Dolly Parton, Trace Adkins, Colt Ford and Big & Rich as a mentor(s) and they will hear their voices and avatars as they play through the game.

The game itself combines the social aspect of building communities and visiting your friends’ communities to do chores for rewards and a “performance” mini-game which is a game of four card draw based on luck. Each action requires energy, called “moxi” in the game and gains fame (experience) for levels. Building isn’t simply buying and setting objects down on the map, some yield only coins and fame, some actually yield coins, moxi, fame as well as ribbons which are used to upgrade building objects. The game monetizes by selling Platinum points using Facebook credits which is used to buy premium buildings for your community as well as moxi and customization for your avatar.

What the game does right is the large avatar that a player gets to create at the start of the game, with over 400 items of customization and four different stances. This gives a stronger sense of identification for the player and the player gets to see the avatar on stage at each performance. Even facial features and hair can be changed without cost so a player could decide to be a happy brunette one day and a sad red-head the next. Additional customization items are purchased with in-game coin as well as Platinum points. The game also features a camera that allows the player to post pictures of his or her avatar, and an option to view your friends’ avatars.

Country music streams continuously in the background, so a player may even use the game as a country music station. In the future, CMT expects that the game will be a platform for the artists to announce new music and another avenue for getting their music out to country music fans. Players who build a movie theatre will be able to watch CMT content including music videos and TV content. This is an announced feature which will be live in a coming upate. As new features and mini-games are added into Platinum Life:Country, we have no doubt that it will have its devoted followers.

Interested readers can follow the progress of Platinum Life:Country with AppData, our traffic tracking application for social games and developers.