Pizza Hut Joins OKCupid to Find ‘The One’

OkCupid | PizzaHutIf you were considering using an online compatibility service to help you find a date for Valentine’s Day, but are nervous you’ll end up with a dud, we have some good news for you; there’s at least one profile on OKCupid offering a companion that never disappoints–pizza!

Pizza Hut, in an aptly-timed effort to respond to the 10,000 social-media proposals it has apparently received from fans in 22 countries and every state except South Dakota over the past year (WTH, South Dakota?), has created a proposal-themed promotion via its very own account on OKCupid.

The brand’s “Self-Summary” reads as follows:

“Every day, fans tweet marriage proposals at @pizzahut. We’re flattered, and we’re into it.

But in our 55 years waiting for The One, we’d always pictured the big moment to be a little more… Great.

So we’re ready to find that someone to be involved in the Greatest Proposal Ever. We’re looking for someone who brings outrageous enthusiasm to the everyday moments; the one with a zany sense of adventure and a rad personality.

After all, unique and wonderful fan who proposes to us on Twitter, it’s because you are who you are that we do what we do. And when we find you, we’re going to skip the whole dating part and go right to the proposal.

The Greatest Proposal Ever.”

Hopeful suitors are encouraged to send their over-the-top and creative proposals in video form to @pizzahut on Instagram and by tweeting @pizzahut a Vine tagged #CommitToGreatness by Feb 21st. The brand will then contact the three most creative proposers and take them on a trip to “get to know them better,” whatever that means. From those three, the company will choose The One.

And what will The One get in return? The company will see that person’s epic proposal and raise them The Greatest Proposal Ever…FREE PIZZA FOR LIFE. That’s an offer even the commitment-phobic would be hard pressed to turn down.