Pitney v. Milbank: Round II

Nico Pitney claims on HuffPost that Dana Milbank called him a “dick” at the end of their segment on CNN’s Reliable Sources this weekend.

Howard Kurtz Twitters that it didn’t happen- “Dana Milbank did not call Nico Pitney a dick or anything else after their Reliable debate, @anamariecox. It was civil. I was there.”

Update: Kurtz later tweeted after Nico “made clear” that Milbank was whispering when he called him a dick:

“OK, Nico Pitney says Dana Milbank whispered the epithet while I was reading tease for the next block. Missed that!”

I say…who cares??? Enough with the Jerry Springer journalism already!

Reactions from the Web:

Gawker: “The Huffington Post being called on at Obama pressers has been a great source of crunchiness! To the media, of course, because the general public could honestly give a shit.”

Time’s Michael Scherer: “If you want to know what’s wrong with the current state of America’s political discourse, take some time to watch this Sunday’s CNN’s Reliable Sources, where two American journalists acted like petulant politicians, abandoning any pretense to reasonable discussion so they could launch specious attacks on each other’s integrity.”