Pitching The Tents, Part 1: A Reader’s Guide To Fashion Week


Fishbowl was fortunate enough to spend Saturday night “at the tents,” i.e. attending Lacoste’s fashion show in Bryant Park during Fall/Winter 2006 Fashion Week. As those of you familiar with my career trajectory may recall, I spent a few seasons at Women’s Wear Daily, but this time around, I was working on a story about the Franco-Preppy brand for one of my many freelance employers. The trip did prove useful for Fishbowl purposes, though, as it offered me a chance to see what everyone was reading. Really.

As the backdrop of one of the world’s foremost confabs of influencers, mavens, and miscellaneous “tastemakers,” the tents look more like a roach motel from the perspective of publications eager to push their product on said tastemakers. So what did attendees find waiting for them?

A full report after the jump:

  • On the way in: Hawkers pushing Saturday’s edition of The Daily. the glossy house organ of Fashion Week, published by the extravaganza’s organizer, 7th On Sixth, and its parent, the sporting event/agenting/publishing powerhouse IMG. (I wrote about The Daily a year ago for Business 2.0, but the only copy of that story today appears to live in Google cache.)
  • Inside the tents: More copies of The Daily, plus a central kiosk filled with copies of The New York Times’ new sports magazine, Play (giving credence to the rumors that the issue was edited by the staff of Thursday Styles); stacks of The International Herald Tribune (for all the homesick British and French editors, one supposes), and the orphaned copies of Friday’s Women’s Wear Daily (plucked by passerby and then returned with disappointed looks by those who thought they were grabbing the Weekend edition).
  • Over at the Delta Air Lines booth: Copies of Delta Sky, naturally, and something called Nikki Style, a random glossy customer published by/for the Nikki Beach empire of clubs/restaurants/whatevers that streches from South Beach to St. Tropez, apparently.
  • On the way out: The not-yet-on-newsstands March issue of CITY, which sports different covers of Heidi Klum dressed as a cat. I would say more, but I happen to date the editor, so I’ll leave it at that.
  • Missing in action:The Weekend edition of WWD. Published biannually during Fashion Weeks, WWD’s Weekend edition was launched in 2003 to fend off the challenges of The Daily and Us Weekly’s own (since defunct) Fashion Week edition. But no matter how hard I looked, they were nowhere to be found. I’m sure they had simply run out, but knowing the animosity between WWD’s and The Daily’s staff, it wouldn’t surprise me if agents of the latter had secretly pulped the weekend edition out back.

So what was everyone actually reading? Well, believe or not, but the models were actually reading books.