Pitch, Please: Journalists Sound Off on Media Relations

The week's best responses...to PR pitches.

Obvious statement of the day: PR plays a crucial but often unsung role in the work done by journalists around the world every day. DUH.

Journos rarely sing the praises of their PR contacts in public, and most pros wouldn’t want such attention anyway because we all know that the key word in media relations is “relations” as in relationships.

That said, journalists CAN offer tips on what to do and what not to do. In a new feature developed with some help from our friends at Muck Rack (check out the Shorty Awards this coming Monday!), we’ve begun to collect media figures’ best pitch responses in a weekly feature we call “Pitch, Please.”

It’s true, as Martin Bryant of The Next Web notes in the tweet above, that much of the bitching process now occurs on Twitter.

For example, Pete Schroeder of The Hill notes that recent Tax Day pitches quickly gave way to another kind of seasonal promotion…

He’s not lying. Debbie Carlson of The Guardian has covered corn in the past, but this one was a bit of a long shot:

Of course, someone managed to combine the week’s two dominant themes in a pitch to Nancy Cook of National Journal:

Munchie-based stories don’t have to be about the green stuff, though. Kat Kinsman of Tasting Table is impressed by this year’s array of grilling gear:

But some of this week’s pitches were simply bad.

Robert Wright of Financial Times reminds us that geography is kind of important:

…as are simple things like getting the contact’s name right (via Kate Vinton of Forbes):

Here’s a good tip: don’t make assumptions about someone, like Kia Makarechi, who happens to write for Vanity Fair:

And be careful when searching for writers who cover the “Cool Dads” vertical (via Hilary Sargent of The Boston Globe):

Joe Del Bruno writes about the entertainment business for The Los Angeles Times…and his beat does not usually involve singing cats:

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