Pitch, Please: Journalists Sound Off on Media Relations

The week's best responses...to PR pitches.

We missed a week thanks to a beautiful, beautiful thing we call Summer Fridays–but now it’s time for more responses to pitches that don’t quite hit the mark compiled with the help of our friends at Muck Rack.

First the basics: Shannon Molloy of NewsCorp Australia isn’t a woman…and he doesn’t cover kids’ fashion either.

That’s still better than “Hi bitches”…or is it?

Another painful lesson in basics via Ben Leubsdorf of The Wall Street Journal: if you treat contacts like you don’t give a shit, you might expect them to respond in turn.

Next, we have some honest sympathy for the PR who pitched Nick Halter of the Minneapolis Business Journal. But shouldn’t you ask for alternate contacts AFTER he tells you he’s not interested?

It’s not all complaints, though! Here’s Rob Pegoraro of Yahoo and USA Today noting a pattern of sorts in his anti-Spotify pitches:

Someone got a little too aggressive with the messaging…but it’s hard to describe a product and/or angle succinctly, isn’t it? Here’s one for the 90s music geeks in the audience:

For the record and the lame joke, very few people sound more like Neil Young than Dinosaur Jr.

It’s one thing to , as Chris Erskine of the L.A. Times reminds us, sometimes things just don’t make any sense at all:

Were we too busy celebrating National Fried Chicken Day to notice?

Next from Steven Shankland of CNET gives us a neat reminder that, even when people scoff at pitches, they might be missing the selfie stick forest for the trees:

This is very serious; over the long weekend we saw a pair of teen girls use their selfie stick for FOUR HOURS straight. They did nothing else the whole time. Kim Zetter of WIRED, who is usually more sympathetic to pitches than your average tech writer, just couldn’t quite forgive this one:

But was it a drone-powered BBQ tool?

Next, from Alex of TechCrunch, we are almost sad to say that we did not hear of any pea-brained pitches tied to the New York Times guacamole scandal of 2015:

Is there still time?! Some things–like peas in guacamole–just can’t be sold to most people, no matter how hard you try: