Piracy: Is it the Coming Scourge or a Solved Problem?

BBC Radio has recently posted the second part of a series on the impact of technology on books. This episode looks into how digital content has changed the reality of publishing: piracy.

In this clip arts editor Will Gompertz talks to people who range from being deeply worried about the rise of piracy to being ambivalent. he interviews a number of industry insiders who think that publishing learned from the mistakes of the recording industry, and that publishing has its house in order.

The most telling comment of all was made by the head of digital publishing for PanMacmillian. She said that it was up to the publisher to take the first step to prevent piracy by making sure all titles are available as ebooks. It’s what customers want, and when they don’t get it they will turn to piracy.

This is an audio clip, and I cannot embed it here. But it is worth listening to.

via BBC  Radio