Pioneering Augmented Reality App, Layar, Returns to the iPhone (3GS only?)

Layar was one of the first apps to make a splash in the so-called Augmented Reality (AR) genre that’s gotten a lot of attention in the past year. It was one of the first apps I installed on my newly purchased Droid late last year. So, I haven’t really missed its presence on the iPhone. But, if you’ve been waiting for its reappearance on the iPhone, here you go…

Layar back to augmenting your reality on the iPhone after 3-month hiatus (MobileCrunch)

The app is a free one. So, you can try out its AR goodness on your iPhone and decide for yourself if it (Layar) an AR is really as interesting as many people say it is.

Layar Reality Browser 3.0.2

One note: The Layar app description doesn’t really talk about compatibility, but my guess is that it works best with the iPhone 3GS since it is the only one with a compass to let Layar know which direction the iPhone is pointing.