Right Now, Pierre Omidyar Knows Three Things About First Look Media

In the shadow of the Seahawks vs. the Broncos, another 2014 Super Battle is taking shape: Jeff Bezos vs. Pierre Omidyar.

Today’s memo to Washington Post staff from the paper’s executive editor Marty Baron is one of the best things you’ll read from within the guts of a print media outlet anywhere, anytime this year. It hints at the promise and potential we all envisioned upon first hearing about the most surprising and flush U.S. media acquisition of 2013.

Then there’s Omidyar’s heartening, hand-drawn-animation teaser for First Look Media. Released at the beginning of the week, it attaches to the Glenn Greenwald operation a comforting voice of patronage and – again – suggests that the money is going to be put where the media mouths should rightly belong.

At one point during this great statement of principles, Omidyar says “three things” are currently known about the manner in which First Look Media will take shape later this year. The billionaire entrepreneur’s middle one of these promises to give journalists at First Look Media the “critical but expensive support that is often neglected in the digital age.” Without it appears at any point asking them to frame their findings in the form of numbered lists. If that indeed turns out to be the case – Hallelujah!