Photoshopping Pauly Shore’s Skid Marks

pauly_072707.jpgDamn. Writing in Advertising Age about the Jezebel Photoshop contest, poor Simon Dumenco told some of his own Photoshop stories from the magazine editing trenches. You know, like the time when his design staff had to erase Pauly Shore‘s skid marks:

When I was (improbably) an editor at Seventeen, we shot him because he had some crappy movie about to come out. One day, the magazine’s design director stopped me in the hallway and told me that Pauly, that wacky guy, had insisted on pulling down his pants and underwear on the photo shoot… The design director was clutching transparencies from the photo shoot… My apologies if you’re reading this before lunch, but Pauly’s self-de-pantsing revealed Nascar-strength skid marks. It was an image, I confess, that we conspired to, uh, “clean up” without Mr. Shore’s knowledge.

Also noted: “Outsider” folk artist the Rev. Howard Finster once suffered from priapism during a photo shoot. That, also, was Photoshopped out.