Photogs, Art Directors Join Together To Ask You To Stop Kvetching About The State of The Industry

An anonymous photog asked A Photo Editor laments the state of the industry in a whine cleverly disguised as a question.

The question:

Can you write an article about the true reality of the photo industry across the board in LA, NYC, Dallas, and Chicago, or wherever? It seems most ad agencies don’t view books in person, only online. Art Buyers are looking for work, photography jobs are being over run by secretaries, moms, dads, facebook friends, interns, and college kids out of school who just decide one day to pick up a camera.

A Photo Editor, who is actually Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine, got a number of photogs and other industry pros to weigh in. Almost unanimously, they all said the industry is not dead.

A print producer:
“I know that photography as content will always be needed, regardless of the the constantly changing medium to which it is applied. “

An agent:
“We can freeze up, get pissed about all this or we can jump in and look towards the wonderful new possibilities.”

A designer:
“No matter how much people complain, I have a lot of busy clients, they are just really good photographers. Yes, hustling a little more due to the economy, but still working and doing great work.”

A photog:
“I’ve personally chosen to embrace these changes and focus on what is rather than what once was. To be honest I only see opportunity.”

There’s ever ever so much more at the original post but meanwhile we wonder how much of this would still ring true if you replaced “photographer” with “journalist” or “PR pro” or “copywriter” or any of our titles? Probably a lot.